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    What kind of technology is super finishing polishing?


    What kind of technology is super finishing polishing?


    What is super finishing?

    Superfinishing is a metal processing technology used to improve the surface finish and geometric dimensions of workpieces. This technique uses grinding stones or polishing belts to remove only a thin layer (usually 1 μm) of irregular surfaces on the workpiece to improve the size of the part and improve the surface performance.


    How is superfinishing done?

    The difference between super-finish polishing and ordinary polishing is that the surface of the workpiece after ordinary polishing is a mirror surface, while the surface after super-finishing shows a cross line pattern.

    By overlapping and intersecting the direction of movement of abrasive tools such as grindstones or polishing belts with the direction of movement of the workpiece, the grinding process forms a series of interlaced sinusoids, that is, the surface effect of crossed lines. This kind of cross pattern has both flat surfaces and concave grooves. This surface characteristic makes the super-finishing process unique: the groove makes the lubricant evenly adhere to the surface of the part, and the flat surface provides a higher proportion of contact surface.



    Cross lines of parts after super-precision polishing


    Cutting fluid is usually added during the machining process to reduce the heat generated by grinding (usually changing the metal properties) and take away the chips.

    The process of abrasive particles cutting the surface of the workpiece is divided into three stages.

    The first stage: when the abrasive particles just touch the surface of the workpiece, the passivated abrasive particles will break off and fall off to form a new cutting surface;

    The second stage: the grinding particles on the new cutting surface grind the workpiece;

    The third stage: After grinding, the grinding particles become blunt, and the surface geometric characteristics of the workpiece are strengthened.


    The grinding process forms a sine curve that is interlaced with each other.


    What is the difference between super finishing polishing and ordinary finishing?


    During ordinary fine grinding, a large amount of heat is generated and high material removal changes the microstructure and surface hardness of the workpiece. This also creates some surface flaws.

    During super-finishing polishing, the processing temperature is lower, and the lower material removal of the workpiece improves the surface characteristics of the workpiece.

    The rotation speed range of super-finish polishing workpiece is 1~15m/min, and the best value is within 6~14m/min. It is much lower than the 1800~3500 m/min of ordinary fine grinding. In addition, the pressure exerted on the workpiece by the super-finishing abrasive tool is also much smaller, usually 0.02~0.07MPa, or as high as 2.06MPa. The pressure of ordinary fine grinding is 13.7~137.3MPa.

    The vibration frequency of super-finishing abrasive tools is 200~1000 per minute, and the amplitude is 1~5mm.

    Main advantage

    With the development of moving parts, the requirements for refinement are also increasing. More uniform lubricant distribution, higher friction bearing ratio, and better micro-geometric properties make the super-finishing process have the following advantages:

    l Reduce friction

    l Extend the life of the workpiece

    l  High dimensional accuracy

    l  Improve sealing performance

    l  Reduce energy consumption

    l  Runs more quietly

    Application scenario

    Aviation industry: bearings

    Automotive industry: camshafts, crankshafts, gear shafts, drive shafts

    Various types of bearings

    Various shaft parts

    Rotating parts of the robot



    Promai Super Finish Polishing Machine


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