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    17 years of industry experience
    Focus on metal deburring and surface treatment solutions

    Stator deburring

    Stator deburring

    • Description

         ■  Equipment introduction

    The equipment is designed to remove single-sided or double-sided burrs from parts with sharp-edged burrs after fine blanking, milling or grinding. It adopts a multi-process multi-head wet deburring integrated design. The multi-heads are independently controlled and work at the same time during operation. The power head adopts abrasive belt or multi-disc brush design, waiting for lift control. It can evenly and effectively remove burrs at multiple locations on the plane and form uniform rounded corners. Self-feeding compensation can realize unmanned operation. It is especially suitable for single-sided or double-sided deburring of larger parts.        

    ■  Features

    ●  The original welding assembly of the equipment base and power head bracket is changed to integral cast iron. The stability, rigidity and accuracy of the equipment are substantially improved to avoid the deformation caused by the long-term use of the equipment. The welding equipment and casting equipment are completely absent. At one level, good or poor equipment rigidity is a very important factor in consumables saving.

    ● The shell of a four-gear box is changed from the original cast iron parts to cast aluminum parts, which improves the problems of heat dissipation, noise, vibration and so on.

    ●  The gear box is designed with four brushes in one out and two in reverse. As shown in the picture above, the traditional domestic gear box adopts one out of three side rotation, and the imported equipment adopts one out of four side rotation; the function can be brushes anyway. Consumables can be saved by 30%; it can effectively ensure the rounded corners and surface roughness of the brushed workpieces. For some special parts, such as clutch friction plates, the roughness of this kind of parts is not better or smaller. The surface roughness of the parts is Within a certain range of control, this kind of required parts can only be met by the gearbox with the function of reversing and reversing.

    ●  Lifting mechanism: the belt and gear box are driven by the upper silver screw and Mitsubishi servo electric cylinder, and the lifting progress is controlled within 0.01mm to avoid excessive brush adjustment or parts burrs caused by insufficient precision. Can't be brushed off.

    ●  Equipment cooling water recovery: The original equipment water tray is flat, and the new equipment water tray is designed for slopes, which is convenient for cooling water recovery and internal garbage cleaning of the equipment.

    ●  Separate the dry and wet areas of the equipment: the general isolation is the use of a sports brush to isolate, and the organ cover we use is completely isolated. At the same time, we also added the upper blast and lower exhaust function, which is the water mist, oil mist, etc. generated in the wet processing area below It is pumped away by an electronic atomizer (this kind of atomizer does not incur the cost of consumables) to avoid the spread of mist. The upper blast is to blow dry and cool air to the upper air to ensure the cooling and ventilation of the dry area above, and at the same time Negative pressure is formed in the wet area to ensure that the fog does not spread to the dry area.

    ●  Appearance of the equipment: the original square and corner appearance is changed to the arc shape, the appearance of the equipment is more beautiful and the structure is more reasonable.

    ●  The equipment comes with a cleaning function to ensure that the equipment is clean and clean.

    ●  Equipment brush wear compensation function: The wear compensation is automatic compensation, and the equipment brush will automatically feed compensation. The automatic compensation function is a necessary condition for realizing connection.

    ● Conveyor belt width: The conveyor belt width is 400mm, which can effectively improve the range and efficiency of the parts processed by the equipment. Small parts can be placed in multiple rows and processed at the same time.

    ●  The equipment comes with a demagnetization function: the residual magnetization after demagnetization is guaranteed to be controlled within 3GS, and the demagnetizer power is less than 1KW. It is a demagnetizer independently developed by our company. It is a low-voltage demagnetization with low power and low heat generation. It has obvious energy-saving effects. The above traditional demagnetizers are all high-power and high-voltage demagnetization, and the power is large, and the heat is large.

    ■  Advantage

    ●  The advanced technology can effectively remove the flanging and hole burrs, and the deburring efficiency is high, which can reduce the consumption of consumables by 30%.

    ●  High precision, the size of the fillet can be controlled, the shape and position tolerance of the deburring plane will not be changed, and the plane roughness can be adjusted as needed.

    ●  The production efficiency is high, and the production cycle can be matched with the high-speed fine-blanking machine.

    ●  The conveyor belt can be up to 9 mm thick and dig pits according to the slotting. The drive is reasonable and reliable, the service life is long, and the replacement is extremely convenient.

    ●  The efficiency of demagnetization equipment is low, the demagnetization effect is good, and the remanence is lower than 2 Gauss.

    ●  A variety of mature turning mechanisms are matched with this machine, which can realize double-sided deburring.

     ■  Technical parameter


           ■  Applicable processing parts

    PT400外帶輸送去毛刺機 反面.png


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